Lolo Trail National Historic Landmark: A Plan For Its Documentation And Preservation

Steve F. Russell

The Lolo Trail is a mountain trail in Northern Idaho that ranks secondonly to the Oregon Trail and the Mullan Wagon Road in its importance to Northwest U.S. History. Due to its remoteness, it may also be the most well preserved and documentable Native American trail left in the entire U.S. Aggressive documentation and preservation measures are urgently needed if the historic nature of the Lolo Trail is to be fully protected for future generations. These measures must be applied to the archaeological sites, removable artifacts, and the five actual routes or "paths" themselves. Documentation and preservation will involve photographic and radionavigation surveys, topographic location, definition of protection boundaries, and the protection of the existing routes against any type of rerouting. The most influential agency for effecting these changes is the Forest Service USDA. With their leadership, and the cooperation of interested historical groups and adjacent land owners, this documentation and preservation can become a reality.

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