Ordway's Salmon River Fishing Expedition 1806

Steve F. Russell

This document is a research report on the salmon fishing expedition of Sgt. John Ordway of the Corps of Discovery under the command on Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. This route and the effort of Ordway remained largely unnoticed until this research was completed and published. It has been the collaboration of Steve F. Russell, Historic Trails Research, Sam McNeill of the Idaho Fish and Game, and John A. K. Barker. The logistics were funded by a Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Assistance Grant from the State of Idaho. Research analysis, descriptions, and detailed maps of the route are included. On public land and on private land, with permission, the trail tread was hiked and campsites were examined. Both have been recorded with GPS. The Idaho Fish and Game have also prepared a brochure with descriptions and maps for self discovery.

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