Richard S. Buswell


Dr. Rich Buswell, a retired doctor, has spent 46 years researching and locating the Mullan Road. In his formative years, he and his family herded cattle in the Mullan Pass (Montana) area sparking his interest in the historic route. Using General Land Office Cadastral Survey maps and extensive boots-on-ground exploration, he determined the route of the Mullan Military Road in Elliston-Helena-Wolf Creek area.

Dr. Buswell has published in several medical journals and exhibited his photography in numerous museums. These books feature his black and white, abstract photography of Montana ghost towns:

  • What They Left Behind, University of New Mexico Press, 2017.
  • Close to Home, University of New Mexico Press, 2013.
  • Traces: Montana's Frontier Re-visited, University of Montana Press, 2007.
  • Silent Frontier: Icons of Montana's Early Settlement, Montana Museum of Arts & Culture, 2002.
  • Echoes: A Visual Reflection, Museum of Fine Arts of the University of Montana, 1997.

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