Overview for Mullan Road

Mullan Road Centerline

by Kristopher K. Townsend, Robert H. Dunsmore, and Richard S. Buswell

This Mullan Road centerline describes the general route of the Mullan Military Road built between 1859 and 1861.  It represents many years of …

Steve F. Russell, PhD, PE

Steve wearing overalls and a big smile

Steve is a retired Emeritus Associate Professor in the Department of  Electrical and Computer Engineering at Iowa State University, Ames,  Iowa.

Robert H. Dunsmore

Robert H. Dunsmore has lived many years in northern Idaho's Silver Valley and has spent years researching the Mullan Road and Yellowstone Trail which …

Fletcher-Dimmit 1902 Wagon Trip

Transcription of Fred Dimmit's diary

Fred Dimmit's diary of his families' 1902 wagon trip from Kansas to Washington state including parts of the Mullan Road.