Steve F. Russell, PhD, PE


Steve wearing overalls and a big smile

Steve is a retired Emeritus Associate Professor in the Department of 
Electrical and Computer Engineering at Iowa State University, Ames, 
Iowa. He has been researching, locating, and GPS-documenting Historic 
Trails for the past 32 years. He grew up along the Lewis and Clark 
National Historic Trail and the Nez Perce National Historic Trail at 
Weippe and Powell, Idaho and at Missoula and the Bitterroot Valley in 
Montana. His method of research is to use GIS tools to do approximate 
location of trails with the aid of original journals and maps, and 
GLO Plat maps from the National Archives. Then he spends several 
weeks each summer tent camping and hiking to locating the actual 
trail tread and document it with GPS.

He has an extensive collection of over 3000 trail photos. His trail 
documents include most of the historic trails of Montana, Wyoming, 
Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Utah, such as the Oregon-
California Trails, government explorations, Lewis and Clark, Nez 
Perce 1877 war trail, Lolo Trail National Historic Landmark, Ice Age 
Trail, Virginia City and Lewiston Wagon Road, and many others.

Another of Steve's works, Finding the Northern Nez Perce Trail can be found at Discovering Lewis & Clark®.

Read more: Biographical Sketch (PDF)

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